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By Mubanga Lumpa

Government’s recent pronouncement of providing free education in public schools came at the right time when many learners were facing the acute challenge of access to education in many communities in Zambia.

But this pronouncement did not come without challenges for a number of government schools. One immediate challenge in many schools was the inadequate infrastructure and furniture to accommodate more learners.

However, for Naboye High School in Kafue District, this challenge has been an opportunity in disguise. The school is one of the oldest and biggest secondary schools in the district and is thus leading by example.

Currently, the school is working to refurbish the old furniture and scrap materials to provide learners with adequate furniture to provide a more conducive environment for learning.

Mr. Alex Mbulwe is the Design and Technology teacher at the school and he shares his experience on how the school is working to turn the once dilapidated old furniture into modern and more comfortable desks and tables for use by the learners.

Mr. Mbulwe who explains that he has been working with his pupils in reinnovating the old school furniture also believes this is the best way of imparting the skills to the learners and also a very practical approach to learning.

“We need such projects so that more students can be helped in acquiring skills training”, he says.

Mr Mbulwe however says the major limitation to the project is the lack of adequate resources to scale-up the project to its full capacity so that learners can have adequate infrastructure to use during learning. He said the future plans for the school is to start making furniture for other schools in the district as part of the fundraising venture for the school.

He also encouraged the girls not to shun technical oriented subjects in school but to come on board and take up technical subjects.

He further advises learners that skills training is the best way as there are countless opportunities in the economy for people who have acquired the necessary and right set of skills.

He emplores other stakeholders within the community to get involved and support the school in the project.

Source: Kafue Times


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