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Most Populated Cities In Africa (2022)

Africa has a Population of close to 1.4 Billion people with Nigeria as the most populous Nation with over 200 million People.

Here is a list of Africa’s most populous cities

1. Lagos🇳🇬 21 million people
2. Cairo🇪🇬 20.4 million people
3 Kinshasa🇨🇩 13.3 million people
4. Luanda🇦🇴 6.5 million people
5. Nairobi🇰🇪 6.5 million people
6. Mogadishu🇸🇴 6.0 million people
7. Abidjan🇨🇮 4.7 million people
8. Alexandria🇪🇬 4.7 million people
9. Addis Ababa🇪🇹 4.6 million people
10 Johannesburg🇿🇦 4.4 million people
11 Dar es Salaam🇹🇿 4.4 million people
12 Casablanca🇲🇦 4.3 million people
13 Accra🇬🇭 4.1 million people
14 Durban🇿🇦 3.4 million people
15 Kano City🇳🇬 2.8 million people

The list has unsurprisingly two Nigerian Cities as the most populous cities. Lagos stands as Africa’s most populated city beating the Population of Countries like Botswana and Namibia. Africa should look at mechanisms of improving the economy of the continent by focusing on making the Population Productive

🌐Source: WorldAtlas


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