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The Greatest Mistake by Pan-Africanists

Yohane Mbeeya Moono

The Pan-African Movement is believed to have originated from the United States of America between the 18th and 19th Century. Proponents and Legends like Malcolm X and Marcus Garvey are regarded as Fathers of the Movement.
It was a Philosophy that drove the Black Liberation against White Domination and Exploitation. History records that the Triangular Slave Trade is the height of White Domination and Exploitation of the Black People. This is why the movement is believed to have originated from the Americans as most African Slaves were taken to the Americas as Plantation Labourers.
How did the Drivers of the Pan-African Movement make the greatest mistake? In Africa the Pan-African Movement for the liberation of Africa dates back from the Fascist Italian Invasion of Ethiopia in 1935 and the from the Pan-African Congress in Manchester, England in October 1945.- This constitutes the greatest Mistake the Pan-African Drivers made to go and hold the Congress in the land of the Imperialists. This is because the Imperialists had first hand information on the resolutions that were passed at the Congress in Manchester England in October 1945. The resolutions passed include:
1. Total Emancipation and Independence for Africans from the European Powers.
2. Abolition of all Racial and Discriminatory Laws.
3. Right of every person above 21 years to Vote and be elected
4. Freedom of Speech, Press and Assembly, Association
5. Abolition of forced labour and introduction of equal pay and work
6. Medical welfare and Educational Services to be available to all Citizens
African Delegates made a great mistake in having the Congress in the land of the Imperialists. This gave the Colonisers an insight into what the Africans wanted and this is why they played had to grant Independence to the Africans.
Furthermore, this gave the Colonisers Media an opportunity to demonize the Pan-African Movement because it was privy to the Demands and Resolutions of the Congress. To this day, Africa still grapples to sell the Pan-African Movement Philosophy because the Congress in Manchester England in October 1945 gave an opportunity to the Imperialists to hijack the Philosophy that meant the Well-being of All People of African Descent


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