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Rebuilding the Zambian Economy


Isaac Abel Mwaipopo

It is not even a secret that in the coming days and years, Zambia will face a lot of difficulties in its efforts to rebuild the economy and get back to a path for growth. Anyone that is honest and understands where we are coming from and how deep the damage is on our economy will tell you that the road ahead will be long, there won’t be a quick fix if we are aiming for lasting solutions. What the new Adminstration may need to consider as a matter of priority may include

1. Avoid assuming that they have all the answers, the challenges are big, they need every one’s involvement
2. Effective Communication, have qualified and competent people speak to specific issues that emerge as we embark on the Economic Recovery path, you can’t take a Job on training approach in the middle of a crisis. The people that have been fronted to speak to the country this far lack the capacity to communicate appropriately and convincingly. In this day and age, you don’t need to experiment on who speaks on behalf of an entity, the damage can be colossal, world over, countries are investing heavily to ensure information gets across to citizens in a timely and appropriate manner.
3. Open up more on the planned Economic Reforms, if there is a consolidated plan, make it available to the public for scrutiny and input , try by all means to get many involved, you still need the support of the Zambian People, the same way you started with them, don’t leave them behind now.
4. Be consultative, you will lose nothing, the country has so many experts who can even offer their knowledge on a voluntary basis, make good use of them.
5. Realise that most Zambians are interested in seing you succeed as your success will lead to benefits for all, keep their concerns at heart.
6. Avoid assuming that every one knows what you are working towards, make deliberate efforts to explain, it will help getting the buy in for any planned Economic reforms , including the IMF Programme.


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