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According to the Jewish calendar, the first month of the year is called Nisan or Abib which translates into the month of April according to the Gregorian calendar. It must be noted that the much of the world follows the Gregorian calendar save for the financial calendar which has it’s own unorthodox calendar. The financial calendar begins on 1st April as the first of the year. Perhaps it still follows the Jewish calendar.
Of particular interest is that, the month of April has had some bitter memories for the nation of Zambia going by a number of calamities that the nation has experienced in the past. Here are a number of tragedies that have rocked the country during the month of April.

1. Gabon Air Disaster.
On the 28th April, 1993, the country woke up to a rude shock that the plane carrying the Zambia National Soccer Team had plunged into the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Gabon. The plane had 30 people on board and all people on board had perished. Zambia lost its entire football national team which was destined for greatness. Only death curtailed their quest for greatness. 27 years on, the news of the crash still resonates so vividly in the minds of the football fraternity and the families that lost their loved ones.

2. Kawambwa Boys Accident
On 5th April, 2005 when Zambian schools had just closed for the end of the first term, news filtered through that a truck carrying pupils from Kawambwa Boys Secondary School had plunged in the mountains around Ntumbachushi area claiming the lives of 45 pupils and leaving others critical injured. This was truly a dark day for any citizen as the nation had lost part of the future of the country to the hand of death.

3. Bgrimm Accident.
On 21st April, 2005 at the time the country was just reeling from the shock of the Kawambwa boys accident, news filtered through the media that an unexplained explosion had rocked the company buildings at Bgrimm Explosives Zambia Limited in Chambishi on the Copperbelt killing 51 workers.

4. 2016 Ritual Killings
A spat of ritual killings were reported in the Zambian Capital Lusaka. This spat of ritual killings ignited riots in the capital Lusaka targeting foreign nationals who it was believed were to be behind the spat of killings in the capital Lusaka. This too was in the month of April in 2016. Another dark moment for the month of April in Zambia.

5. First Covid-19 Death.
On 2nd April, 2020, Zambia recorded the first Covid-19 death. Health Minister announced the first death of civic-19 at the press briefing. The first case of the disease in Zambia was reported in the latter days of the month of March but the cruel hand of death struck in the early hours of the second day of April.

April has surely provided the country with some thorny moments and most of which has had huge inflictions on the lives of the citizens.


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