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Project Luongo

29th March 2022

There is a river in Luapula Province of international importance, yet it’s significance remains untold and its profile scarce. Flowing g from Chipili to Mansa and ending into Luapula River near Mwense, the Luongo river houses the reservoirs and dams that produces hydro electricity at Musonda Falls hydro power station in Mansa producing 10 mega Watts which feeds into the National Grid. Off grid the Musonda power station services Mansa, Mwense, Samfya, Chembe and Chilubi Island.

Without the Luongo River, there would be no Musonda Hydro Power Station which is why as an organization we are calling upon stakeholders that include ZESCO, WARMA, ERB and Departments of Forestry and Agriculture to work together with Care for Nature Zambia to keep the Luongo river flowing.

Currently there are a lot of livelihood activities such as charcoal production, Artisanal mining and agriculture taking place a long the river banks which may affect the existence of the river if the people are not sensitised of the rivers significance.

As an organization we have embarked on a project titled “Project Luongo” aimed at profiling the river for its significance, conserving it and promoting sustainable Livelihoods among communities living along the river.

Nsama Musonda Kearns
Executive Director- Care for Nature Zambia


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