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Yohane Mbeeya Moono

2010 is the year when Zambian football had its fair share of wrangles that resulted in the country having parallel Executive Committees at the FA albeit one was not legally bound.
The then Incumbent of the FA President Kalusha Bwalya acted with the statues of FIFA and the agrieved at the time is now the Incumbent FA President Andrew Ndanga Kamanga.
Kamanga and Simataa led a faction which also planned on starting to run it’s own league though they were not legally recognized by FIFA. FIFA invited the two factions for a reconciliatory meeting in Zurich but it did little to quench the fire. Government intervened to stop the nation from being banned from all football activities at international level.
Fast forward to 2020, the tables turned and now Kalusha Bwalya is the agrieved and Kamanga is acting within the statues of the FIFA constitution.
Kalusha Bwalya has been long in football circles and understands fully well that FIFA doesn’t not subscribe to Civil and Military Courts instead it has its own legal system where all disputed matters are fully addressed. The Court of Arbitration for Sports is the last court of appeal even in the FIFA constitution. Failure to follow the FIFA constitution, the Organisation will seem biased but it does so in order to preserve the integrity of the game and the people entrusted to run the affairs of the game.
It must be noted that the law is a Monster we have created and often times doesn’t deal with individuals but it deals with the positions and the institutions.
Injunctions were filed in different civil courts across the country by many for what was termed as a ploy to Bar certain individuals from contesting the Elections at the FA. The elections were subsequently held up until the cases were desposed off. Government again intervened and court cases were dropped to pave way for the much publicized FIFA meeting and to eventually culminate into the Elective AGM.
Both Kamanga and Bwalya have been part of creating this Monster that seems to favour someone who is an office bearer. In 2010 it vehemently favoured the then Incumbent President of the FA Kalusha Bwalya and in 2020 it is also vehemently favouring the Incumbent President Andrew Kamanga.

Football being a unifying factor and the language that can be universally understood, the reconcilation that the President Andrew Kamanga promised after the Elective AGM should aim at neutralizing the Monster we created. The two biggest names in football administration at the moment should work to put their egos aside and purge Zambian football from all unnecessary wrangles which have and will continue to have long term negative effects on the performance of our National teams on the Pitch.
Zambian football doesn’t belong to individuals but belongs to every citizen of Zambia..


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