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(AFRIKA must prepare now against future sanctions using the Russian scenario as a lesson.)

The world is fast speeding deep into this Era of Sanction – Wars where “the West” can destroy any nation that they hate by severely sanctioning it – to death.

“The West” has sanctioned Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Cuba, Libya, Venezuela, Syria, now Russia as well as other nations of the world.

China knows it is on the hit list, so she is now preparing for future sanctions because should Russia fall, nothing can stop the fall of China and the West already perceive the rise of China as a threat.

Saudi Arabia, India and even NATO member Turkey know that there salvo of sanctions are probably in the pipeline for them.

“The West” is already calling for sanctions on Pakistan for standing with Russia. This establishes the fact that the tendency of “the West” to keep sanctioning nations will continue until it gets to us.

Afrika must come together now to build a United Continent; a self-reliant economy; her social media; her own payment system instead of SWIFT; her own currency instead of the dollar; her own industrial complex; her team of ethical hackers; her allies for the betterment of today and in preparation for tomorrow.

Let us quickly make hay while the sun shines, and be fast about it.

Source: The Great Africa


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