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Defiance in the face of Adversity

Russian forces launched an invasion of Ukraine early Thursday, with President Vladimir Putin warning other countries not to intervene and Ukraine’s Western allies pledging their support and new rounds of strong sanctions as they condemned the Russian assault.

Putin used a televised address to announce what he called a military operation in eastern Ukraine, in response to what he termed Ukrainian threats. He said those who opposed the action will face “consequences they have never seen.”

said Russian forces carried out strikes on Ukraine’s military infrastructure and border guards. He said the government was introducing martial law throughout the country, while urging people to stay calm and stay home.

“No panic. We are strong. We are ready for everything. We will win over everybody because we are Ukraine,” Zelenskyy said.

He later announced Ukraine cut diplomatic ties with Russia and that the government would arm “anyone who wants to defend the country.”

Ukraine’s military said Russia began shelling Ukrainian forces in the country’s east Thursday morning and carried out rocket strikes at airports in multiple cities across Ukraine.

A Zelenskyy aide told reporters at least 40 people have been killed.

In the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, the downtown area became largely deserted while in residential districts lines formed at banks and outside food stores. Main roads leading out of the city were clogged with traffic headed to the west.

Lines were also long at ATMs, supermarkets and fuel stations in the eastern city of Slovyansk as people stocked up in case of renewed bombing.

Source: Voice of America


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