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US Halts Aid to Burkina Faso

The United States has halted nearly $160 million in U.S. aid to Burkina Faso after determining the January ouster of President Roch Kabore constituted a military coup. The decision was made in line with a U.S. law under which U.S. foreign aid – except funds to promote democracy – must be stopped to a country whose elected head of government is deposed by military coup or in a coup in which the military plays a decisive role.

The move by the United States comes in the wake of the Coup that happened last month putting to an the reign of democratically elected President Roch Marc Christian Kabore. United States of America President Joe Biden is known to take hard-line stance against undemocratic government. It is view that the ousting of a Democratically elected President or leader is a serious threat to Democracy. The United States has always prided herself as the champion of democracy.


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