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The Oldest Continuously Inhabited Cities in Africa🌍

The oldest continuously inhabited cities on the African continent are mainly in the coastal areas of the countries and have been great trading centres for many years and have continued to be even in the modern times.

Additionally, these cities have played a pivotal role in the development of modern day Africa as they were also education centres about from being the economic hubs of the continent.

1. Luxor, Egypt🇪🇬 c. 3200 BC
2. Tangier, Morocco🇲🇦 c.1200 BC
3. Tripoli, Libya🇱🇾 c . 700 BC
4. Constantine, Algeria🇩🇿 c. 600 BC
5. Benghazi, Libya🇱🇾 c. 525 BC
6. Axum ,Ethiopia🇪🇹 c. 400 BC
7. Benin City, Nigeria🇳🇬 c. 400 BC
8. Berbera, Somalia🇸🇴 c. 400 BC
9. Ife, Nigeria🇳🇬 c. 350 BC
10. Djenné-Djenno Mali🇲🇱 c. 250 BC
11. Mogadishu, Somalia🇸🇴 c. 200 BC
12. Old Cairo, Egypt🇪🇬 c. 100 AD
13. Zanzibar , Tanzania🇹🇿 1st–3rd centuries
14. Walata, Mauritania 🇲🇷 7th Century
15. Sofala, Mozambique🇲🇿 7th Century
16. Pate, Kenya🇰🇪 8th century
17. Mombasa, Kenya🇰🇪 9th Century
18. Moroni, Comoros🇰🇲 10th century
19. Agadez, Niger🇳🇪 11th Century
20. Kano, Nigeria🇳🇬 11th century
21. Timbuktu, Mali🇲🇱 11th century
22. Malindi, Kenya🇰🇪14th century



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