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One of the reasons why Haiti is poor today

Eze Chimere Nwauzo
Leader of OAF 

After Haiti got her Independence from France in 1804, in 1825, King Charles of France sent 12 war ships to Haiti threatening to attack her except Haiti paid 150 million Francs (about 3x the GDP of Haiti then) later “scaled down” to 90 million Francs ($21 billion dollars in today’s worth).

In addition to the payment, France required a reduction of 50% on all customs duties as “compensation” for the loss of money and trade from Haiti’s independence.

On 17 April 1825 an agreement was made between the two nations. France renounced all attempts to re-conquer Haiti (a nation she exploited from 1625 -1804 but gave up after being defeated following 13 years of war) and recognized Haiti as an “independent” nation.

It took Haiti 122 years (1947) to pay off the debt they never owed:
How can you pay someone who colonised you? It is the coloniser that owes the colonised and not the other way round!!!

Duvanel Francois a Haitian once said to Forbes reporters:
‘We can spend 30 years and we’ll never bounce back’.

No wonder Haiti is the poorest nation on the Western Hemisphere
(Its per capita income — $ 250 — is considerably less than one-tenth the Latin American average. About 80 percent of the rural Haitian population lives in poverty.
– world bank) while France is among the world richest:

Colonisation is the wealth of a nation by the poverty of another nation.

The only way to make things fine is by repaying Haiti the wealth taking from her by robbery.
Reparations now!!!


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