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France, European allies announce military withdrawal from Mali

Macron denies that the almost decade-long military deployment led by his country has ended in failure.

France and its allies in a European force have announced they will begin withdrawing troops from Mali after nearly 10 years fighting an armed unrest.

A statement signed by France and its African and European allies and published on Thursday said that “multiple obstructions” by the ruling military government meant that the conditions were no longer in place to operate in Mali.

This announcement comes in the wake of the announcement from Malian Military Junta Col Assimi Goita that the West African nation had severed all ties with it’s former colonial masters. Goita’s ascension to power came after widespread demonstrate against the previous regime and that the previous regime was a puppet of the French and it’s allies. President Assimi Goita has since cut all ties with France and ordering the troops to leave Mali as well as cutting diplomatic relations with France. The recent events between the two Nations saw the Malian government ordering the French Ambassador to leave Mali with immediate effect.

Source: Africanreportfiles


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