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This man Muammar Gaddaffi

By Mumbi Wa Mbui

I woke up early today around 5 am to read about Gaddafi’s socialist policies during his reign as the Libyan president, I realized how important Gaddafi was. Saddened to know how much Libyan people miss him.
One man’s dictator is another man’s liberator.Gaddafi wasn’t just a military or political leader, he was an intelligent leader, a great designer and an innovator, he was also excellent at fashion.

Nationalisation of oil.

Approximately 70% of all oil in Libya was nationalized. Contrary to popular belief oil was never privatized. Gaddafi proposed a policy which would have seen all profits from oil evenly distributed into each citizen’s bank account.

Direct democracy.
Every citizen of Libya was a member of a Basic Popular Congress, these BPCs functioned as municipal governments but they also formulated policy to be implemented by the central government The BPC members directly elected a secretariat, these secretariats collectively formed the General People’s Congress, the national parliament of Libya. The secretariats would elect a General Secretary, all the General Secretaries were members of the General People’s Committee.

Social safety net.
If a Libyan became unemployed, they would be paid their salary of their previous job by the state.

State-owned enterprises.

Banks and electricity were state-owned public services. Banks provided interest-free loans and electricity was provided free to all citizens.

Free education.
Education, including university, was free and literacy increased from 25% to 90% from 1969-2011.
Universal healthcare.

Healthcare under Gaddafi was free. It was not the greatest quality because the health sector was very badly effected by sanctions, but it was by far the best in Africa.Great Man Made River Project

Gaddafi carried out the GMMR, which provided free, clean, safe water to all corners of the desert nation. It was the world’s largest irrigation project and it was bombed by NATO in 2011.


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