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Zambia’s most Elegant Defender- Eston Mulenga


Fredrick Nyakiamo

Zambia’s most elegant defender. He was voted 1992 Zambia footballer of the year and the best sweeper in 1990 and 1992 Africa Cup of Nations tournaments made his debut to the national team KK 11 as a youthful centre back from the military outfit Green Buffalos in 1987 and was an understudy to the central defensive duo of Samuel Chomba and Ashious Melu in the 1988 Seoul Olympics in Korea eventually taking over immediately after as the beautiful calming presence at the heart of the Zambian defence with solid rock performances that earned lots of admirers beyond the borders to everywhere in the great continent of Africa. His talents attracted the Zambian football powerhouse Nkana fc (Nkana Red Devils) to lure him away from the military outfit in around 1991 and due to his light skin tone complexion a rarity among the Zambian heritage he became the most distinct player in the field but also for the ooze and aura of confidence and maturity he showed as he chaperoned the Zambian defense line in silencing, keeping at check and stopping the marauding dangermen who came on board as opposing nations or clubs faced Zambia or Nkana at club level. Introducing to you Eston ‘King Yellowman’ Mulenga the only defender ever to have won the Zambian football player of the accolade. You were plucked away 😭 from us when we had not enjoyed and seen enough of what you were always capable of offering continue resting in eternal peace Yellowman 💐💐🙏


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