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Reflection on the 2012 AFCON Triumph

Yohane Mbeeya Moono

10 Years ago today, the forces of History smiled on Zambia as the country attained the pinnacle of African Football success for the National Team. A penalty shootout of high drama and intensity, the Stopilla Sunzu penalty sealed the glory for Zambia.

Captain Fantastic Christopher Katongo commandeered his team through a team group that had pre tournament favorites Senegal, co-host Equatorial Guinea and the War torn Libya. Zambia topped the group and faced Sudan who were easily brushed aside. Then came the Black Stars of Ghana who fell to an expertly taken strike from Emmanuel Mayuka. The golden generation of an Ivorian football led by Didier Drogba came and fell in the penalty shootout after a goalles 120 minutes with Drogba missing a penalty in regulation time.

This was 19 years after the golden generation of Zambian football perished on the coast of Gabon. It is a bitter sweeter victory for Zambia having visited the site of the crash before the final. FIFA betrayed Zambia in 1993-1994 period because Humanity should have taken centre stage and allowing Zambia participate at the US 1994 World Cup as a way of helping to rebuild the tarnished image of football among the families that lost loved ones in the Plane Crash. Chapacoese a Brazilian team crashed on their way to Colombia to fulfill a final in the Cope Sudamerican and they ended up being awarded the trophy. Humanity supercedes football glory. Going by this act from CONEMBOL, FIFA should have led the way to help Zambia.

Furthermore, FIFA should build a stadium in Zambia in honour of the Heroes who gave up their lives for the love of the game. They should partner with the United Nations to build a stadium that will honour the Zambian heroes and the former UN secretary general Dag Hammorskjold

2012 Shall forever be a great year for Zambia as it United the country like never before and this is why the country loves the beautiful game.


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