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Empress Mennen of Ethiopia

Empress Mennen of Aethiopia ; the Greeks called her Cassiopeia and the more ancient Chaldeans knew her as the ENTHRaoNED WOMAN (Dat al Cura).
The later Arabians knew this cosmic figure and constellational lesson as the FREED , El Seder In Ancient order which was watered down to Astronomy the Empress of Ethiopia is the second female heiroglyphic figure, the first being Andromeda (which means one half of the Androgyn.
It is in Empress Mennen that it was explained where primal substance , the elementary particles modern science is freed which implies a forming IDEA .Ideation , a concept of energy form .
This is an integral part of Haile SELASSIE First (The Power of the Trinity here the Empress of Aethiopia is the FEMINIznE Charity of the Power of the Trinity Haile SELASSIE First .this Power of the Trinity is generated with vitality , courage , daring . force and endurance .
In the Empress is the conception of turbulent strength which is active ideation in the three highest planes or vibrations.
The second highest plane of vibration of the Trinity is Creative Consciousness . consciousness and Energy . Male and Female . emperor Haile SELASSIE and Empress Mennen.
Haile SELASSIE the Might of the Trinity is the energies becoming sorted by polarization establishing themselves in diverse frequencies. this is Ideation of energy action through interracting influence of Male and Female Emperor Haile SELASSIE and Empress Mennen of Aethiopia Polar Fields Herron


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