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Diplomatic Engagement

Yohane Mbeeya Moono

According to the Constitution of Zambia Amendment Act No 2 of 2016 Article 92 stipulates
(1) The President shall perform, with dignity, leadership and Integrity, the acts that are necessary and expedient for, or reasonably incidental, to the exercise of the executive authority.
(2) Without limiting the other provisions of this constitution, the President shall-

(a) Appoint Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Plenipotentiaries, Diplomatic Representatives and Consuls

(b) Receive and accredit foreign Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Plenipotentiaries, Diplomatic Representatives, Consuls and Heads of International Organisations

(c) Negotiate and Sign International Agreements and Treaties and, subject to the approval of the National Assembly, ratify or accede to the International Agreements and Treaties.

With that said, Zambia under the New Dawn Administration has positioned herself to the preferred Investment and Tourism Destination of Choice for would be Investors and Tourists.

The country needs to give the missions abroad some extraordinary and achievable Key Performance Indicators or Targets so the country can actualize what the President and his government has been pronouncing.

Bilateral and Multilateral Engagements are supposed to bring the much needed Foreign Exchange that will in turn bring the desired development to the people of Zambia.

Zambia as a nation needs to up the game in her Diplomatic Engagements in order for the Bilateral and Multilateral Engagements to yield the desired results based on the extraordinary and achievable Key Performance Indicators to be given to Zambian missions doted around the World


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