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The Nile River

The Nile River is the largest in the world in terms of territorial extension.
Located on the African continent, every society that surrounds it is of extreme importance, being an important item for us to understand the development of ancient civilizations, such as Egypt.
The Nile River originates from two large lakes: Lake Victoria in Uganda and Lake Tana in Ethiopia.
In Uganda, the Victoria feeds a large tributary, the White Nile. In Ethiopia, the Blue Nile (another tributary) is reinforced with the waters of the Tana.
However, a source further south in Rwanda can be considered the beginning of this mighty river. This spring is located in Nyungwe Forest, the southernmost point of Lake Victoria.
Its basin runs through several African countries: Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Sudan, Ethiopia until it flows into the Mediterranean Sea, through its mouth in Egypt. Its size directly contributes to making it part of the continent’s main watershed, which makes it impressive.
In historical terms the River Nile was essential to the development of one of the most intriguing and enigmatic civilizations: the Egyptian civilization. The arid and dry climate makes its occupation a great challenge, but thanks to the river and its fertilizer floods, it has known times of glory, wealth and magnitude.
Herodotus, a Greek known as “the father of history” called Egypt a gift from the Nile, in an allusion to the importance of this river for the growth and consolidation of the Egyptians as an imperial society.
Adding the population of the ten countries where the Nile runs, we have the incredible number of approximately 530 million people directly or indirectly assisted by this majestic and full of peculiarities.
A little bit of the beauty and grandeur of the Nile.


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