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Northern Corridor Tourism Capacity

Yohane Mbeeya Moono

Approximately 50% of the country’s water bodies are found in the Northern Region of Zambia. The Region is blessed with a number of waterfalls due to the mountainous nature of the region. There is little known Lwitikila Falls in Mpika, Chipoma Falls in Chinsali, Kalambo Falls in Mbala, Chishimba Falls in Kasama, Lumangwe Falls in Mporokoso, NtumbaChushi Falls, Mambilima Falls, Musonda Falls as well as others that have not been mentioned here.

Furthermore, the region has lakes and wetlands which include the Tanganyika in Mpulungu, Lake Bangweulu and the Bangweulu Wetlands which cover a good number of provinces in Central, Muchinga, Northern and Luapula. Lakes Mweru and Mweru Wantipa are all found in the Northern Corridor. Rivers like the Chambeshi which goes through the Bangweulu and later becomes the Luapula and many other small rivers that give life to the Northern Corridor.

National parks and game management areas are part of the combo the Northern Corridor has to offer in terms of tourism. The region has the Lavushi Manda National Park, Nsumbu National Park, both part of the North and South Luangwa National Parks are soiled in the Northern Corridor of Zambia. Wildlife is also in abundance in the National Parks and the are always a marvel to beyond.

The Muchinga Escarpment is another tourism gem in the corridor, the Mwela Rocks in Kasama, Nachikufu Caves in Mpika, the Zwangendaba Burial Site in Nakonde, the Shiwa House and Kapisha Hot spring in Shiwangandu, the Moto-Moto Museum in Mbala, Kasaba bay on the banks of the Bangweulu, the Isanga and Ndole Bay on the banks of the Tanganyika, the Samfya Beach are among some of the notable and attractive tourist destinations and landmarks the corridor is offering to the World.
The region has three functional Airports to support it’s cause for a boosted tourism industry. The Kasama Airport currently undergoing some upgrading works, the Samora Machel International Airport in Mbala, the Mansa Airport. The supposed fourth one has not received due attention to warrant it’s usage for tourism purposes the Kasaba Airstrip. Road network has hampered the growth of the industry in the region. Most of these destinations are not easily accessible in the rainy season due to un-upgraded road infrastructure.
Accommodation requires in-adequate too. It needs to be improved to acceptable international standards and to be able to meet the impending influx of both local and foreign Tourista to the region.
Food should be of all kinds. Cuisines all of types to appease the different kinds of tourists that the tourist attractions will be attracting. The region needs to showcase the cuisnes from the corridor and they should be top of the Agenda.
The Northern Corridor has relatively unpolluted natural ecosystem. This should be a marketing strategy for the corridor to use. The region has been blighted by the infrastructure challenge to match the potential and capacity to deliver a perfect tourism package. Against this background, the Northern Corridor needs to rigorously and aggressively begin to champion the potential and capacity of being the home, soul and heartbeat of the Zambian Tourism Combo.


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