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EU Goes for Military Leaders in Mali

The European Union has agreed to impose travel bans and asset freezes on five members of Mali’s military rulers a day after the junta in Bamako ordered the French ambassador to leave the country. France, on its side, has said it – along with EU partners – is reviewing its military presence in Mali.

The move by the European Union comes after the Regional Bloc ECOWAS imposed sanctions on Mali on what the regional Bloc terms as undemocratic government in Mali. The ECOWAS have been calling for a return to a civilian government which the Junta has promised but has not given a time frame when a return to a civilian government will be done.

In August of 2020,the Military Junta took over power after ousting a democratically elected government which had grown unpopular in the Malian public. The Junta did appoint an interim president who was later sacked by the Junta. Col Assimi Goita finally took office and has been implementing Revolutionary reforms according to the Malians


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