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Utopian Society in Zambia??

Yohane Mbeeya Moono

Is there anything like an Utopian Society? Is possible for man to create a society that is so perfect in everything?

George Orwell in the famous novel Animal Farm talks of a character Moses who talks of animals having a Sugar Candy Mountain where they would go in the after life and lead an Utopian kind of life with everything idealistically perfect. SugarCandy Mountain is the representation of a perfect world that we all dream of. The PIGs promised an Utopian Society upon evicting Mr Jones from the farm. Upon tasting the sweetness of the Apples and Milk, they forgot about the Utopian Society they promised the rest of the animals.

Even in Zambia, we always dream of an Utopian Society from time to time.

2011 is the year that many Youths in Zambia like got so interested in the Political welfare of this country and were determined to have our voices heard through the ballot. One of the most charasmatic Politicians of recent times His Excellency the late Michael Chilufya Sata coined a message that was so appealing to every Youth who was ready for the world of work. He promised a near Utopian Society with the message of “More Money in your Pockets.” Till to day, he never explained how the money would get into our pockets. But for the cruel hand of death he never lived long enough in his Presidency to actualize the slogan of More Money in your Pockets.

During the Ten year rule of the Patriotic Front, I eagerly waited to have more money in my pockets. Out of nativity I got some cargo pant trousers so as to make sure that I don’t lose a penny once the money flows into my pockets. Naively I thought, the more pockets on your trouser the more money you will be having.

2021 is the year again when the promise of an Utopian Society returning in Zambia came again. Again the message from the incumbent was so Youth appealing with the touch of a language young one easily understand. The message was and still is resonating with many as “Bally will Fix it.” Bally is slang for Father and the father being the sole provider of the basic needs in a many homes hence the fixing. However, in the political and social realm it has not been explained how the fixing will be done. In the five years the UPND will be in government before the next elections, we eagerly await to be explained to how the fixing will be done as the country journeys towards the creation of the Utopian Society.

Can Politicians create and Utopian Society for Citizens of the country? Can the Citizens once entrusted with the instruments of power create an Utopian Society the yearn for?


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