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Building Bridges

Yohane Mbeeya Moono

Zambia my country which has enjoyed political sovereignty for 58 years now but still grapples with a lot of poverty. For far too long, we apportioned the blame for our predicament to the Imperialist. But truth be told, in the 21st Century, we have stayed for too long as a sovereign state to blame others for our Inertia in Changing our Economic Fortunes.

We are a Country blessed and endowed with alot of Natural Resources and Human Resource. Our biggest challenge is that we build bridges against each other. Our political elite create and enact laws that bar others yet forgetting that Power doesn’t last forever. People power is there to better the people and their general livelihood. The Monster in the law we enact is the Bridge we are Building in our Political Life.

We are a Country blessed with a lot of Wise and Intelligent Entrepreneurs yet we are still talking about growing our Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. The problem is not the capacity in the Entrepreneurs but the Monsters we created that inhibit the Growth of the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Sector in the Country. The Monsters created by the Powers that be coupled with Jealous and the Desire to Pull Him or Her Down are the Bridges we are Building in the Economy.

We are a Country blessed with a lot of Great Orators yet we only see value in their Rhetoric when they are no longer with us. We are a Country blessed with great and potential world class Authors yet our greatest achievements is seeing the failure our own. Jealous is the Last class to Attend before Witchcraft says the Modern generation yet we are not ready to clap for others during their time. The tone of our “I am Happy for you” and our facial expressions are as opposite as the North and South Pole. These are the Bridges we are Building in our Social Life.
Ism are Ism for Ism is Ism Of Isms and Isms on absolute-Ism. This they all say it on Silent Skulls. The Nude shanks of the King is not a sight for the Children.It will blind them. When a King stops the procession And squats on the Wayside, It’s on an Urgent Matter.
Building the Bridges is like stop the Royal Drums.


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