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By Professor Makombo Jago Minyang Abaala

A dictatorship is not bad as long as it is led by a PATRIOT who loves his Country and people.

To “dictate” simply means to “To by pass Bureaucracy”. It has nothing to do with Anarchy of despotism.

All modern Civilizations developed under a form of Dictatorship and even when the United Kingdom expanded to an empire she was a Monarchy, not a democracy oooo .

It’s not about the Political system but the Character of the Man/woman leading the society.

Even a Democracy can be worse than a Dictatorship if you end up with a Donald Trump or an Obama who destroyed Libya and murdered Gadafi, George Bush who lied and attacked Iraq and murdered Saddam Hussein, …there is one who killed over 200,000 Japanese by throwing an Atomic Bomb on them in a Democracy because he was Losing the war of Ideology and legal Military battles against them..

Angela Merkel stayed for Long in Power but I don’t see Kenya which changes leaders often better than Germany in anything.

In Tanzania, China and several other Nations more developed than Kenya or Zambia,, it’s the SAME PARTY (one System/state) that has been in power for over 50 years………… But we see them growing FASTER then America of today.
Yet America is also governed by ONLY 2 Parties (Ideologies) which just keep swapping power and denying thousands of other Political ideologies access to Power.

Between 1960 to 1980 (20 years only),,,, Uganda CHANGED leaders and Ideologies more than 5 times (am not even sure anymore)…….. BUT that time was the WORST time in the History of Uganda whereby over 2 million Ugandans died BY BULLET, Famine, rape, murder or hunger…

Uganda grew in Negatives….Yes….by the time Obote left ,,, we could have been like – 8 percent…. The UG Accounts were DRY.

That’s how Progress is measured,,,,,in figures not WORDS…..

In 20 years with many leaders,,,,,,Uganda built only 1 dam (zero actually because Obote found it there),,,,,, but in 20 years with ONE leader,,,,,,,,. Uganda generates more Electricity than she needs even if she was to wire every home we would have excess.

But see….from 1985 to 2022,, there has been only ONE system …and Uganda grew Economically at 7% and reduced poverty to 21% from above 60%..

Uganda is now the leading Exporter of COFFEE and GOLD in Africa……one leader, one system…

Human progress has Nothing to do with the Ideology……It’s about the Character of the LEADER….

Ancient Egypt built Pyramids and discovered civilization under a perfect loving Dictatorship (not democracy).

No 2 humans have the Same Level of empathy, love or Tolerance….. Yet these are what Drives a progressive society. Not ideologies or systems or processes. A malevolent Leader can utilize a Perfect stable system to Suppress and destroy life, and we saw this with Adolf Hitler and Americans in Japan.

Before you blame a Current Leader you would Love to Replace for anything…….
,,,Look DEEP inside your heart….,,,,,if your heart Doesn’t LOVE that Leader as a Citizen,,,,,, then you can never be better than him or her as a Leader.

Without LOVE of Humans whether you are a dictator or a diplomat or socialist ,,, there can never be Developement of humans.


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A Writer, A Diplomat in Waiting, Climate Change Advocate and a Football Administrator

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