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Kalindula Music the Missing Jigsaw in Our Tourism Combo


Yohane Mbeeya Moono

Literature is one of the most important subjects around the world. It has often be called as the mother of all social sciences. The subject as a number of definitions but one that typifies and qualifies the assertion of being the mother of all social sciences is one which says that, Literature is the mirror of society. Literature discusses the societal discourse. Another subject that discusses the societal discourse is music. Music just like Literature also mirrors the society. However, it must be pointed out that Literature encompasses all societal discourse, music inclusive in one, hence being the mother of all social sciences.

Every Country and society around the world subscribes to a particular musical genre. Zambia had her own musical genre which with rigorous production of new musical genre faces the possibility of extinction. This musical genre is called Kalindula Music.
Kalindula Music is a typical traditional Zambian music which typified and epitomized the societal discourse in the country. The music provided cultural insight about the dynamic Zambian society. The music was alive to the fact that the country was embodied with over 70 ethnic groupings. The Music promoted tribal cousinship and this bedded for the unity of the nation Zambia.

Kalindula Music was and is unique to the Zambian society and hence the need for it to be included in the tourism combo the nation offers to prospective local and international tourists. This folk Zambian music now comes at a premium and it is perhaps one of the most important jigsaws missing in our tourism combo. Zambia as a country is endowed with a lot of natural wonders and national parks that have been highlighted and marketed to the International community as the tourist attractions dotted around Zambia. Zambia has the famous Victoria Falls, Kalambo Falls, Lumangwe Falls Ntumba chushi Falls, and the Chishimba Falls among others. The National Parks such as the Kafue National Park, Kasanka National Park, Lavushi Manda National Park, The North and South Luangwa National Parks and others. Even as the tourist visit these places, at the evening time would need some to relax through some soothing music which in this case is our premium offering of Kalindula Music.

From about the time of independence to the early 2000s, the Zambian music scene was dominated by legendary names such as Nashil Pichen Kazembe, Paul ‘Ngozi’ Nyirongo, Peter Kalumba Chishala aka professor Pk Chishala, Peter tsosi Juma and Ackim Simukonda to name but a few. Legendary bands such Uweka band, Masiye band, Oliya band Serenje kalindula band, Mulemena Boys and the Kalambo Hit Parade all graced the Zambian music airwaves. These legends bred more legends who were more contemporary than them. The likes of Ballard Zulu, Chris Chali and James ‘Chamanyazi’ Ngoma to mention but a few. Some contemporary bands also came up such as the Air Power band, Amayenge Asoza , the Glorious band and the Mutende Cultural Ensemble. These legends and legendary bands have for many years been a source of entertainment for main tourists around the country and have left many yearn for a return to Zambia as a holiday destination of choice.

Hits from the aforementioned legends and legendary groups like Alungu by Paul ‘Ngozi’ Nyirongo, Muka Mu Chona by Peter tsosi Juma, Aphiri Anabwera by Nashil Pichen Kazembe. Others include Clementina by the Oliya band, Grace by the Uweka band Dziko la Mulungu by the Masiye band. The power of music can never be underestimated but it should be always scored that music is the soul and heart beat of any cultural grouping. Hence the need for Zambia never to let the soul and heartbeat our tourism to extinct. Posterity would judge this generation harshly for letting go of the soul and heartbeat our tourism combo.

The Chikuni Music Festival in Chisekesi of Monze district has been doing a great job to serve this musical genre from sliding in to oblivion. The festival is always a marvel to watch and is held annually though it focuses much on the Music from the Southern Province. Perhaps the country should explore the idea of hosting a Kalindula Music Festival annually to attract more attention to the original Zambian music genre. The Chikuni Music Festival should be a miniature of the national festival. France does attract alot of tourist during the Cannes Film Festival which is held annually. Zambia can have her own festival which is the Kalindula Music Festival.

Kalindula Music typified and epitomized the societal discourse of Zambia and so should be the soul and heartbeat our tourism combo.


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