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PAN-AFRICAN SERIES Julius Kambarange Nyerere

Pan- Africanist and Former Tanzanian President Mwalimu Julius Kambarange Nyerere once said
“Unity will not make us Rich, but it will make it difficult for Africa and the African peoples to be Disregarded and Humiliated”

Powerful words that Africa is not utilising to wake up from the deep slumber the continent has been in for sometime now. Unity surely will not makes us rich overnight but will enable us to do the might that we have always wished to dream. The disease called Covid-19 started normally but now it is being used as a immigration segregation of the African continent and the people of this continent. Furthermore, this might be a ploy to make Africa economically desperate. The variants discovered in the Western part of he world didn’t result in Africa closing its borders to the Europeans but the Europeans are just at the slightest excuse of closing its borders to Africa.

Going by the current for foregoing on the World stage where Every Country around the world want to lock out Africa, the words of the founding father of the United Republic of Tanzania comes handy. Africa should not despair but rather increase economic activities among the African countries without any form of segregation. This is the time for Africa to build her economy and make the rest of the world envious of what the World’s Richest continent.


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2 thoughts on “PAN-AFRICAN SERIES Julius Kambarange Nyerere

  1. The golden message entailed in your writings never stops to amaze.
    May they always act as a wake up call for most Pan-Africanist.


    1. Africa is too great a continent to be depending on others. Our unity should not be expressed in rhetorical statements but in the decisions we make for the future and generations to come


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