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Why is Africa Under Siege


John Moono

A Writer

A Diplomat

A Believer in the Pan African Movement

Zambian Freedom Fighter and former vice president Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe once remarked that “if don’t handle our independence very well, colonizers would come back as investors”. The statement that was made in 20th Century has not even taken a 100 years to be proved right. Africa has always looked outside of the continent for investment on the continent be it in Mining, Manufacturing, Construction and Agriculture sectors.

Africa is receiving the most attention from all corners of the globe. The United States of America in 2019 During the Reign of Donald Trump remodelled it’s policy on Africa in order to rival the Chinese Policy on Africa. The move was aimed at increased trade between African Union member states and the United States of America. This was after the realization that Democracy was not the answer to African problems and that Africans seem to think that Socialism was a better form of government judging by how many Asian countries have catapulted themselves to meaningful development.

China on the other hand looks at Africa as though it was a single country with each country being a Province. The Far East Economic Powerhouse usually hosts the One China-Africa Summit where all African leaders are invited to go and discuss the cooperation between the continent and China. Additionally, China is building key Buildings in different parts of the continent for Free. The country built the African Union complex in Addis Ababa for free. This is in appreciation for their cooperation.

Italy, Britain and Turkey are some of the European powers that have in the recent months increased cooperation with African countries and have also gone the China way by hosting summits with African Presidents and Heads of government to discuss multilateral cooperation which are said to be mutually beneficial to all. Britain believes that the Brexit would help them as a country to trade better and get good value for their trade deals with African countries as opposed to trading as a member of the European Union. This goes back to the time the country established herself as a Major European Power during the days of the Splendid Isolation Policy. The current crop of British leaders felt the same move would help make Britain great again.

The question remains why is Africa Under Siege? The recent global Climate Change Summit the COP26 focused also on helping African countries and other less developed countries become green economies by increasing commitment to averting the impacts and long term effects of climate change. The summit also made a commitment of £100 Billion in a year to help the Less developed countries to become climate secure.

Why is Africa Under Siege? Africa is under Siege because it is home to some of the most key natural resources for the sustainable future of the globe. The future of the automobiles lies in Electric Cars and that the undertaking which is believe to more climate environmental friendly than fuel powered vehicles which contribute highly to the emission levels in the world is going to help the globe become more environmental secure. The sustainability of the globe lies in having Electric Cars. Copper, Cobalt and Manganese are the most key elements in the manufacturing of Electric Cars. These natural resources are heavily endowed in many African countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Mali. Based on this, the developed countries are pledging to support the continent at the expense of the minerals that would help avert the environmental catastrophe.

The continent has been plagued by some catastrophic events such as the Civil wars that have beseeched many countries. Despite the continental body running a theme called Silencing the Guns on the continent. Instability has continued to plagued the continent. Mozambique is fighting insurgency in the North, Democratic Republic of Congo has had Instability in the North-East Region of the country around Goma. Ethiopia is said to fight the Tigray Region rebellion, South Sudan is beseeched with internal strife. Somalia was once labelled a “Failed State” by then United States of America President George W Bush. Self-Fulfilling prophecy almost led Somalia to ruins of never raising from the shackles of War and Poverty. Nigeria and Cameroon have been fighting the Boko Haram Insurgent Group for some time.

Coup d’etats have been the order of the day in Mali, Guinea Conakry and Sudan. Failed Coup attempts were recorded in Niger and Sudan. All these events have been involved gun fire and word going round that an Invisible Hand is always involved in the Coups. In 2011, the continent was destabilized by the Arab Spring which swept through the Whole of North Africa with the exception of Morocco. All the above countries that have been engulfed in strife of some sort, they all have some key natural resources to offer the developed countries. The conflicts that have rocked the continent for sometime now can be said to be the destractors that the continent has been facing and that is preventing the continent from focusing on the real issues of development

Africa has not be under developed by the Developed countries but rather the Continent has been under developed by the citizens who believe that politics is a dirty game. Politics and Business control and affect every facet of human life and saying that politics is a dirty game is surely a de-service and retrogressive thinking by the citizenry of the continent. The orientation that politics is a dirty game that has been successfully coined to prevent the African citizens from fighting for what is best for the continent and their countries. This is another destractors that the continent faces.

Furthermore, Religion has been used successfully to make the African mind not to think about big dreams. Sobriety and taming the ambitions of the many Africans have been made easy through the use of Religion. Creating a perception that Prayer is the answer to all our Africans problems yet the answer to poverty lies is being productive and productivity as a person, District, Nation and ultimately the continent. This has greatly contributed to the continent’s people have low self-esteem in their abilities and capabilities.

The natural resources endowed on the soils o the continent are the reason the continent remains under siege from the powers of the globe. Africa is dancing to the tune of the global economic powerhouses. Every economic powerhouse on the globe sees Africa as a strategic partner.

Answering the question Why is Africa Under Siege should translate in a Re-think for the African continent and beginning to see that every African problem requires African Solutions


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