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PAN-AFRICAN SERIES: Professor John Mbiti

Kenyan Philosopher, Pan Africanist and Theologian Professor John Mbiti once remarked
“I am because WE are and since WE are, therefore I AM”

The words of Professor John Mbiti profess the importance of being United as a people. Africa has inherited practices that are quite alien to the beliefs of the people. These practices have surely put a knife on the things that held us together.
It is very rarely today to find African people using the “WE” term whenever they are undertaking on an expedition. Rather the see selfish “I” has become more apparent in our vocabulary and actions
What Professor John Mbiti professes is the fact that Unity does exist in abundance the very moment we put our egos aside and see reality from the perspective of everyone.

Arts, Culture and Heritage used to bring African together and the moments were always memorable. Let us use the abundant talents in Arts, our Cultural Roots and Heritage, to overcome the challenges that beseech our times.
Therefore, it is imperative that we use Arts, Culture and Heritage as the Levers for Building the Africa We Want


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