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Life Beyond Political Campaigns

Immediately after the 2016 elections, the petition came and as soon as the petition was desposed off, then came the Inuaguration of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

What was so fascinating about these events and the aftermath is how quickly the Patriotic Front and it’s members began to endorse President Edgar Chagwa Lungu for 2021 as their sole candidate. This trend was however, retrogressive for the country as the country was set in a campaign mode for the good part of five years.

Fast forward to the 2021 elections. Barely a week after the devastating loss for the Patriotic Front, the party has again started setting the country into settings of an election. They have already started projecting how they will bounce back to power in 2026. They promised to Rebrand and Apologize to the Zambian people. They have not even given themselves time to thoroughly do a postmortem of what might have led to that reaction from the Zambian people.
Three months into the UPND led government and the delay by appointing authority to quickly exorcise the the Supposed PF appointees of government and quasi-government institution is slowly setting the country back into a campaign mode. Many who supported the UPND are beginning to be nostalgic about the choice and beginning to believe that the warnings of one prominent politician were correct. Certainly precedent which will be very retrogressive if allowed to come back.

The Court of public opinion wants their decision to oust the former ruling party out of power quickly taken lest the country goes back to what it was in the last five years. This trend if let unchecked by the incoming government, it will draw the country backwards and Cadreism will quickly become the order of the day.

Therefore,the government in power should show leadership by showing the now opposition PF that there is time for working and time for Campaigns when the Electoral Commission opens the campaign period. Zambia needs to heal from the toxic campaign and work on uniting and moving forward in Unison as a nation. The Zambian people should be allowed to see the fruits of changing government and they will give a verdict after five years if they are satisfied with their decision of 2021.
Fixing the economy and Uniting the Nation is the priority and not who is going to take the reigns of power in 2026. We shall cross that bridge when we near it.
Zambia deserves better and celebrating 57 years of Independence should have better public debates than who is better at managing the country. Definitely, Democracy is the path the founding fathers chose and so should the choices in an election be respected until another election is called.


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