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Zambia National Team and Qualifying Campaigns


John Moono

The sheer disappointment that greeted the final whistle last night is just a culmination of a poor planning process that authorities at Football House have engaged in.
One thing of note is that, yesterday’s game was more like the Zambia national team of old. It was an improvement from a lethargic and pedestrian performance produced in Malabo on Thursday. Last night, proved that Zambia needs to have a coaching school where our coaches need to often visit to refresh their football knowledge and keep abreast of the trends in football today. Zambia never had a defensive midfielder of note in the game but was able to dictate play through the intelligence of Emmanuel Banda, Larry Bwalya and Cletus Chota Chama. It also clear that Equatorial Guinea came for a draw and did achieve the objective at the end of the ninety minutes.
What cost the team the win yesterday is the inability by the technical bench to sustain the pressure after scoring and the substitution of Emmanuel Banda for Kelvin Kapumbu. Banda was the engine o the team and the technical bench disturbed the engine by that substitution.
I am of the opinion that we need to investigate more on team selection. How on earth has the technical bench has been selecting Prince Mumba ahead of Cletus Chota Chama. I have nothing against Prince Mumba but his selection was leaving a bitter pill in the mouths of many ardent soccer fans in the Nation. This is why speculation has been rife that someone is trying to market the boy at the expense of National glory.
God knows I have been one of the people that supported the administration of Kamanga and his innovations. But football being a results driven business, it is safe to that there is something amiss in the way his administration has been managing football matters at Football House. One of the failures by his Administration has been the inability to give a coach a long term contract to clearly spell out a project and what they desire to achieve. The appointment of coaches during his tenure has always been haphazard and that has ultimately cost the team a place at major tournaments for the past five years and counting. The Secretariat has also been subject to bring the game in disrepute over the handling of matters in the local league. That too has not helped his administration.
Three qualifying campaigns have come with Zambia unable to have a fully established and installed Head Coach. For this one, the FA sacked Micho without having a clear plan of who to take over. Micho was sacked barely a month to the qualifying campaign. Our failure on this one came when the FA opted to give the current technical bench three months contract instead of long term contract. Besides the world has a lot of coaches for the FA to settle for someone to have duo roles. Coaching stability is key to winning matches. Otherwise, if don’t change the approach we are doomed.
Time has come for Zambia to purge herself of the wrongs from the past and accept to move by focusing on football development. A holistic approach to football should be the clarion call that football administrators should embark on and work to answer.


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