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Speaking from a Point of Ignorance

Yohane Mbeeya Moono

The turn of the Millennium saw the coming of Social Media which without a doubt has improved communication and access to information in many countries around the world. Even then, the people who are charged with particular societal responsibilities should always perform their duties diligently. Putting into perspective one particular profession, The Lawyers or the Legal fraternity with regards to what is trending on Social Media since Saturday morning 18/09/2021

I am of the Opinion that the Failures of Lawyers at the Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education is slowly coming to fore as the legal fraternity is not providing necessary education to the Zambian public on pertinent issues affecting the society.

The revelations on Saturday that a citizen was found with K65 million cash and $57000 cash in the house has many people in society talking. It is quite appalling hearing people claiming that there is no law in the land that states the amount of money one can keep in the house. Well, that has been said without providing a articles from the Constitution or better still the Financial Act governing monetary policy in the country. What acts constitute money laundering? Did the Police act in ignorance of the law to search the house of the Citizen if there is no law compelling one to keep a certain amount of money in the house? Did the Bank of Zambia officers also act in Ignorance? I for one want to believe that the legal fraternity should provide the necessary guidance to the nation to avoid people speaking from a Point of Ignorance which has potential to mislead the masses.

Additionally, from the time the election season was declared over with the winner announced. Alot of articles have been posted on social media citing that The President has violated the constitution in the way he made certain constitutional appointments. Question: Why have the lawyers and legal fraternity provided the necessary guidance on the happenings in the country. Violation of the constitution by an office bearer should be a charged offence. Are we so lawless as a country that we would just sit and watch an office bearer violate the supreme law of the land? Don’t we have legal minds to fully address the concerns of the society with regards to the lacunas in the constitution?

Furthermore, I have always believed after being convinced sometime back that there is a clause in our constitution which forbids the president from appointing nominating someone who has just lost an election into a ministerial position or member of Parliament. I stand to be corrected by I want to believe that the Honourable Minister of Small and Medium sized Enterprise did contest the Shiwang’andu Parliamentary seat and lost to Honourable Stephen Kampyongo. Did I believe something that was said from a Point of Ignorance? Or truly the constitution has that clause.
Many media house and prominent individuals in the country have said certain things which require legal interpretation without clearly proving it from a legal point of view.

The cancer of Speaking from a Point of Ignorance is seriously growing in the country and it should be stated that such things are easily believed than something which has legal backing. Therefore, we should always provide information which is verifiable and aunthentic. We have been given Freedom of Expression but that doesn’t entail misleading the masses by speaking from a Point of Ignorance.


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