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Yohane Mbeeya Moono

The Scramble for Africa was a move by European powers to exert their influence on the African continent. One of the countries that had so much influence on the African continent is France. Only Britain had on more colonies on the continent than the French. The countries that were colonized by France are collectively known as Francophone Countries. These are countries have predominantly remained have the influence of France.
One of the things that the Colonial Masters introduced on the African continent is Taxation in various forms. Tax has remained part of the economic activity of the countries on the continent. However, it is very absurd to learn that to this day is that Francophone Countries still pay colonial tax to the former colonial masters. It is still puzzling why Francophone Countries are still being compelled to pay such a tax. To some extent this kind of influence has contributed to the underdevelopment and unequal distribution of national wealth in these Francophone Countries.
The high levels of underdevelopment and unequal distribution of national wealth in these Francophone Countries have contributed to the high levels of political instability in these Francophone Countries. No region on the African continent has experienced more military coups than West Africa which is predominantly French Speaking. From July last year, Three West African countries have had a coup or a near coup. Mali had a coup in 2020 last year and the main reason the military took that route is that the then Government mismanaged the country. Niger nearly had a coup before the New President could be ushered into Government. It took the gallant effort of the Soldiers loyal to the Government to quell the efforts of the Military Junta. Just last week, Guinea Conakry had it’s own Military Coup led by Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya.
Past history has indicated though unconfirmed, that France has a invisible hand in the Military Intervention in Burkina Faso that led to the death of Thomas Isidore Sankara. The more recent coup in the region, has it’s roots traced to the French with the Junta in Guinea Conakry said to have been trained in by Paris. The current Malian leader Lt Col Koita is also said to have been trained by the French and the Americans.
The French have proved to be shrewd capitalists and their economy has remained a robust one despite not possessing the best natural resources the world has to offer. The Gold reserves of Mali are being kept in France. The French has continued to exert it’s influence on the African continent particularly the West African region. Ivory Coast or Cote D’Ivoire still pays French rent for the President Palace in Abidjan. How appalling and absurd it is. Paying Rent for a Presidential Residence based in your country to another country. The happenings in these Francophone Countries raise alot of questions that need immediate answers.
1. Could it be that when the African leaders in the Francophone Countries refuse to continue paying colonial tax, the French always finds a way to influence the military to topple the leaders?
2. Is it coincidental that these coups just happen mostly in these Francophone Countries?
3. Why is that Francophone Countries have Presidents that have stayed in power beyond their constitutional mandate?
4. Why is that President from Francophone Countries have always altered the country’s Constitution?
Something seems amiss in these Francophone Countries.
This influence of France on the African continent is surely retrogressive and one the continent and the Francophone Countries should purge themselves off.


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  1. This has taken me by surprise, never have I thought of colonial influence in some of african states in this era. It’s so disheartening to know about this Mr Moono.


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