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By Masauso Mkwayaya

Lumangwe Falls which spills from the Kalungwishi River into a 30 to 40 meters deep gorge located between Kawambwa and Mporokoso Districts are the largest falls wholly within Zambia .

The Lumangwe are a site to behold. The falls are a block of a curtain of water spanning 160 meters wide.

Lumangwe have a width of water falling over the edge similar to the world natural wonder, the Victoria Falls.

But unlike the Victoria Falls which are shared with Zimbabwe, the Lumangwe does NOT dry.

The falls are about 80 km from Mporokoso on the Kawambwa road and about 70km from Kawambwa District.

The Falls are located in the Lusenga Plains National Park.

Lusenga Plains National Park records one of Zambia’s highest amount of rainfall of about 1500 millimetres of rain annually.

The National Park originally had a number of species of wildlife such as Zebras,Pukus and Impalas among others. Sadly,most of the wildlife has been depleted due to high levels of poaching.

It is important to note that Government is however spearheading efforts to restock the National Park.

The area around the Falls and the National Park is largely underdeveloped.

Investors are therefore encouraged to take advantage and invest in areas such as lodging facilities, recreation, transport and other tourism related investments.

At the moment visitors to the site can stay in Kawambwa District which has a number of decent lodging facilities such as Peace Soilder Lodge and Uphill Country Lodge.

Visit Lumangwe, Invest in Kawambwa/Mporokoso. Northern Circuit Tourism


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  1. It’s good to know that the government has plans for rehabilitation of a would be tourist attraction site that will help boost the tourism industry.
    Thanks Mr Moono such writeups help many realise the useful resources that we have left unutilized.


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