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Key points from New Finance Minister Presser

Highlights from New Finance Minister DR. MUSOKOTWANE press briefing.
-Government will embark on an aggressive reform programmes.

-Government aims to record a production of 3 million metric tonnes of copper per year, a move that will provide economic activities, more forex and employment.

-Under the UPND government, money will be utilised carefully

-The Budget is under stress and currently a huge chunk is going to emoluments and servicing debt.

-Government aims at revamping producting in Muilty facility Economic Zones (MFEZs).
-The Country is under economic stress.

-Government is optimistic that it will conclude negotiations for an IMF package by September and October.

-A recommendation will be made to the President on whether government will continue to engage a French firm Lazard Freres, debt advisors that were engaged by the PF government once it’s value is established.

-Among the new government reform programmes is to improve revenue collection by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

-Government will ride on the hightened investor trust and confidence that has is being shown.

-Government’s focus was to ensure that everyone enjoyed their citizenship as Zambians.

-Ministry of finance officers will not be protected if found wanting on corruption matters.

-There shall be no useless seminars and trips for government workers.
-The role of the appointment of Bank of Zambia governor is the role of the President.


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