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PAN-AFRICAN SERIES: Thomas Isidore Sankara


John Moono

Former Burkinabe President and Pan-Africanist Thomas Isidore Sankara remarked

“I think the most important thing is to bring people to a point where they have self-confidence and understand that they can at last be authors of their own well being”

The vicious colonial system has been so influencial that it’s effects are still being felt even today. The African society today tries to model itself like the Western World Society. Self-confidence has been eroded among the Africans. The African society today believes that the best solutions to the problems that have beseeched the African continent are found outside the borders of the continent of Africa.
Thomas Sankara felt that African problems require African solutions. This is why he modeled his Governance system to free from foreign aid. In his four year reign in charge of Burkina Faso. He changed the name of the country from a colonial imposed name Upper Volta to one that reflected his and the people’s ideals Burkina Faso meaning “the Land of Upright People”. Many have been left to think what would have become of Burkina Faso had this visionary Pan-Africanist been allowed to take Charge for more than Four Years.
Africans should always retaliate the call that African Problems Require African Solutions.


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