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USING SATA’s POLITICAL STYLE: a Fallacy for the Current Crop


John Moono

Michael Chilufya Sata the Fifth Republican President of the Republic of Zambia left an indelible mark on the Zambian Political Landscape. His political career dates back to the days of UNIP under the first Republican President Kenneth Kaunda. He is regarded as the Godfather of modern day Politics in Zambia because of the way he evolved as a Politician. From one whose name was tarnished to the one who is eulogised for having overseen the biggest winning margin in a Presidential Election in recent times.

Michael Chilufya Sata started from the bottom and fought his way to the upper echelons of the Political Spheres. He served as Governor during the second republic and later jumped on the bandwagon of Multi-Partism that came with the formation of the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD). He ended up serving in different ministerial position including being the Minister without Portfolio a position that was created to compensate his hard work and dedication to duty. He was also an ardent supporter of the third term bid for then President Fredrick Titus Jacob Chiluba. He eventually left the MMD in 2001 to found the Patriotic Front a party that eventually took him to State House.

His Political Antics really came to the fore during the tenure of Levy Patrick Mwanawasa as President of Zambia. He was a staunch critic of the government and that won him many plaudits in the Zambia Political Sphere. One of the greatest acts in his political life was when He and President Mwanawasa decided to bury the hatchet and renconcile as well as deciding to work together for the development and good of the country and the Citizens. His reconciliation with President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa demonstrated that Zambian politics was not only about quarrelling in the press about ideas but that Good can appreciate Good. This reconciliation is heralded as the time When it was written that Michael Chilufya Sata would also be President one day by an act of humility. His followers to this day, still champion this day as when he had let go of his bitterness about losing elections and accepting that his time for being a president of Zambia was nigh

During the reign of Rupiah Bwezani Banda as President, Michael Chilufya Sata went with a jerrican on a que for fuel just heighten the clarion call that the country had a fuel shortage. He was praised for this move while UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema tried a similar antic by riding a patient in a wheelbarrow, he ended up being ridiculed by the public instead of being praised like Sata. Michael Chilufya Sata was quite proverbial in his campaigns when he was in the opposition. And in 2011, he used a slogan and a song that reasonated vividly with the aspirations of the people and that ended up giving him a resounding victory in the 2011 General Elections. At the time when people really wanted money, he coined the more money in your pockets slogan and the song Donchi Kubeba clearly put his campaign message at the time in perspective that the ruling Party MMD will spend money on you but don’t tell them that you will not vote for them. This ignited the much talked about Wind of Change of 2011.

Michael Chilufya Sata unfortunately died as a sitting president in 2014. His demise made Zambia realize what a political asset he was to the Nation that until now people want Political Players of today to produce his style of politics. However, it must be pointed out that his style of politics clearly matched with his personality and should not be used as yardstick for gaining political mileage by the current crop of political players

The Current political climate has greatly evolved since 2014 at the time of the demise of Michael Chilufya Sata. The world has been beseeched by the deadly Coronavirus pandemic and the use of Social Media has also greatly evolved with Fake News greatly flooding the Social Media platforms. This is why it is a Fallacy for political players of this current crop to use the antics of Michael Chilufya Sata in trying to garner, harness and carnavass for more votes. Sata was a perculiar personality and the current crop should allow their personalities to flourish and the Zambian public will accept them for who they are. The current crop will never come any close to matching the Personality of Michael Chilufya Sata which was his greatest asset in his political career. Therefore, thinking by any of the current crop of political players that they can emulate Michael Chilufya Sata is a serious political fallacy. Sata was just simply Sata.

Besides, Politics evolve everytime and the advent of social media has greatly changed the way politics pan out this time. It is therefore, not right for any political players in the current climate should emulate the political antics one Michael Chilufya Sata in the bid to carnavass votes in the forth coming tripatite elections

Current Political Players should understand that just like every person is unique in their own way so are the Political Antics of someone. No two politicians will ever have the same antics


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