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PAN-AFRICAN SERIES: John Pombe Magufuli


John Moono

Immediate past Tanzanian President the late John Pombe Joseph Magufuli was a man who polarized opinion with his style of Governance
John Pombe Joseph Magufuli become president of the United Republic of Tanzania in 2015. His commitment to improving delivery in the Civil Service won him public admiration across the continent.
His commitment to changing the Infrastructural face of Tanzania won him some many admirers within and outside of Tanzania. His motto was always service delivery and Tanzania and Africa first. This led to the coining of a verb after his name that Magufulification.
His hardline stance against some programmes initiated by the Western and Eastern Powers endangered him to many across those parts of the world. He was a Pan-African Believer that through out his time in office, he never went outside the continent for bilateral or multilateral talks insisting that this is why Tanzania has Ambassadors and High Commissioners to represent him and the government in those countries.
In a bid to make Tanzania and Africa better, Magufuli often opted to speak Kiswahili whenever he was addressing official fora’s across the continent. His desire for the first African language to made an international language worth of use at International Foras was clearly visible. It is worthy of note that Kiswahili is among the official languages of use at the United Nations General Assembly. He championed the use of Kiswahili among African countries. Namibia became the first country to announce that they will start offering Kiswahili in their schools and Botswana has also announced the same plans.
The Magufulification of Africa might have lost its figurehead but the ideals and principles that made John Pombe Joseph Magufuli strong leader of the Magufulification project shall forever remain among the African populace. Your Pan-African stance is surely going to be missed.

Rest in peace John Pombe Joseph Magufuli


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