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Addis Ababa is the Capita City of Ethiopia and the Headquarters of the African Union. It is also the home of Emperor Haile Salassie a key figure in the Pan-African Movement on the African continent. It is was the most Secured City for African Freedom Fighters to meet and plan the African Charter to secure and put in place the African Liberation Movement which culminated in the formation of the then Organisation of African Unity in May of 1963. This happened Under the Chairmanship of Emperor Haile Salassie.
Addis Ababa as Culture says in the song named after the City. Culture says the City is the land of the covenant. The Covenant according to the song is that Land will bring Liberation to the People of Africa. The Land that oversaw the defeating of the Italians when they wanted to colonize Ethiopia.
Addis Ababa is the only City in Africa that has streets named after all the Capital Cities of all African countries.
The City is a key Figure in the Pan-African Movement and shall forever be in the Hearts of the Pan-Africanists.


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