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The Role of the Media in an African Society

John Moono

A Post-Colonial African society learnt democratic tenets from its colonizers. One of the major principles of the democratic tenets that the African Society adopted is the system of governance based on the Separation of Powers. The three official states of the governance system are The Legislature which is responsible for law formation, The Executive which is responsible for policy implementation and the Judiciary which is responsible for law enforcement. Then there is the fourth state which is unofficial but it is the glue that holds the three together. This is the Media.
The Media is the most influential state of the government that helps in the dissemination of information to the general public.
The African society has remained a shadow of what it hopes to be because of the influence of the Media particularly the Media from the former colonizers. The Media from the former colonizers is so powerful that it has almost completely brainwashed the African society into believing almost everything coming from the Media houses of the former colonizers.
This has made it easy for the former colonizers to retain considerable influence in their former colonies. Additionally, three institutions have been used to put Africans in perpetual servitude to their colonizers and these are Religion, Democracy and the Media.
How powerful is the Media then?
The Media is the most powerful institution that is used to change the perception and thinking of the people about certain ideals and beliefs. This form of indoctrination is done through what is known as propaganda ideas. Because of the Propaganda ideas, Africans seem ready to jubilate a challenge that is being faced by a fellow African country. Africans don’t condemn such acts which in truth contribute to the retrogressive tag given to the continent.
It is therefore imperative to note that through the Media Africans have been made to live with the idea that their continent is doomed and that better life can only be found in the land of the former colonizers. How Appalling!! This has made many Africans to trek to the land of the colonizers were the are even subjected to the worst form of injustice called Racism.
Through the Media Africans have been made to live with the idea that Nothing good can emanate from this continent. This has been exacerbated by the constant unrest and high levels of poverty on the continent and the huge gap that seems to a exist in most African countries between the rich and the poor. The imposed social stratification system seems to have created parallels in the same society. How Appalling!!!
Leaders of Yesteryears such as Kwame Nkrumah, Muammar Gaddafi, Thomas Sankara, Julius Kambarange Nyerere, Samora Machel, Kenneth David Kaunda, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Emperor Haile Salassie and many others advocated for the Pan-African Movement which would help address the plight of the African society through champion the Unity of Purpose which would end selfishness among the people of the African continent.
Therefore, for the Pan-African Movement to fully realize it’s Vision in the Cosmopolitan Africa needs an African owned Media house which will champion the Pan-African agenda. Like earlier stated, the African society has already been infiltrated by the Media from the former colonizers, so it is imperative that the continent comes together and puts up a Media house that is going to counter the falsehoods that have already infiltrated the minds of many Africans.
African Unity shall only be achieved once the continent has its own powerful Media house. Without this, the efforts will not come to fruition.
The Role of the Media in an African Society can not be overemphasized, but the need for it in the African society transcends every other purpose.


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