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PAN- AFRICAN SERIES: Muammar Gaddafi


John Moono

Former Libyan President, A Pan-Africanist and Strong Advocate of the United States of Africa Muammar Gaddafi once echoed at conference in Kampala Uganda
“I am satisfied that Africa is going along its historic and right road,” Gaddafi told a small group of reporters in Kampala at the end of the summit. “One day it will become similar to the United States of America.”

“We are approaching the formation of the African Authority, and each time we solve African problems and also move in the direction of peace and unity. We deal with problems step by step. We are continuing to do that,” Gaddafi said.

Too many Gaddafi polarised opinion but it fair to say that the Man was a true son of Africa who worked tirelessly to develop the Mediterranean Knights into the most stable economic in the World.
At the time Gaddafi was the leader of Libya, the country was economically stable and prospering despite much of the country being a desert. Even at the height of the civil war that ousted him out of power and to the time of his eventual death Gaddafi vowed not to leave Libya. His love for Libya and Africa was so great. His vision was that Africa should work towards forming the United States of Africa
Africa prays for a day another Leader like Gaddafi shall rise from the continent and bulldoze the continent to greater developmental heights


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