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John Moono

South African Music Legend and Reggae Music Legend Lucky Philip Dube is one Pan Africanist who used Arts to stand against Racism and promote the Freedom of Africans at a time when South Africa was experiencing the Apartheid Regime. He used his music to denounce the Apartheid Regime.
Lucky Dube was an instrumental figure in ensuring that South Africa adopted the majority rule.
His Song entitled “Different Colours” epitomizes the tag that has become accustomed to South Africa. South Africa is regarded as the Rainbow 🌈  Nation because the majority rule tried to incorporate every race.

We are a people of different colours yet the colour of our blood is all the same which is Red. We were all created in the image of God but at no point did he mention that one is black and the other is white. Therefore, racially denouncing one another based on colour of the skin is a serious fallacy. For the people propagating the Racism Agenda via Social Media platforms, what is the colour of your Blood? The day the show us a different colour of their Blood is the day we are going to accept Racism and that Black is the aberration of the Normal. Without this, we will soldier on and fight Racism like we fought Colonialism. We are but One People of Different Colours.

The African Union has the theme for this year which reads: Arts, Culture and Heritage; Levers for Building the Africa We Want.
Lucky Dube truly used Arts to bring positive influence on the South African masses as well the masses World Over.
He might have gone to join his ancestors but the Pan African Spirit in his songs are still making a positive influence in the masses as the continent journeys to Building the Africa We Want
Time has come for Africans to use Arts, Culture and Heritage to fight this form discrimination that is being targeted against them based on colour. Black is never the aberration of the normal and White has never been the normal.


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