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Saying We want United States of Africa is not enough.
We must walk the talk towards a Unified African continental nation.
Africa is blessed beyond measure but these natural resources have become a curse leading to conflicts and disharmony among Africans.
In 21st Century we are still fighting over cattle while gold and diamonds is being taken away from the continent in the name of Democracy and Humanitarian help
To attain United States of Africa we must take the steps of Number One EDUCATING Africans why this UNITY is very important and why Africa should come together in the first place. A United Africa will not be defeated by mere rheotoric
Divided by Berlin Conference many African nations adopted neocolonial approach towards fellow citizens of other African nations.
Our former colonizers managed to make us believe that we are different people with no kin relations and this made Africa to further disintegrate
But the truth is that All Africans share a single common ancestry.
We are one people and one nation.
Our strength can only be attained when we walk in packs united like cubs and wolves
Unity of Africa is so important for us to fully decolonize Africa and guarantee its economic sovereignty.
Colonialism used Language as a tool for colonization leading to Africans speaking different foreign languages till today.
Swahili is the only language which can unite Africans at home or abroad. Language is a very important aspect of Culture and therefore in order for us Africans to present our story from our own perspective we need to embrace our native languages and cherish them by making them a part of education system
African culture holds a key to defending who we are as a people.
We Africans must come out strongly to reject infiltration of non African values and culture in our societies.
We are Africans whether we live in the Caribbean, Pacific ,Africa,North or South America,let us be proud of who we are as a nation.
We are Africa
We are one
Let us unite.

OneAfrica #PanAfricanism #DecolonizeAfrica


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