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Moono John

Life is a journey whose final destination remains a mystery and a puzzle unresolved. Man always strives for perfection but every now and again, there is no satisfaction. Man always comes short of his desire for perfection. What satisfies our ambitions? What satisfies our pursuits?
The pursuit for perfection often times leads man into a state of vexation. Vexation often leads man into a state of despair. This is why the questions always springs up to say when are we going to anchor? No condition is permanent is an adage coined by man in the pursuit for perfection and greatness. And as way to fight vexation and despair.
Long time ago, academically, having a certificate was once regarded as a prestigious qualification to behold. However, with time passing man advanced and better qualifications are now more prestigious.For you to be considered educated one needs to attain the highest qualification like a Philosophy of Doctorate (PhD). Many of us strive to attain the highest level of academic excellence but there are many more at that level without the desired perfection being sought. Many have attained the highest academic qualifications yet they have not found satisfaction. They are still craving for more. When are we going to anchor? is the question again
Socially, attaining the level of self-actualization is still not the measure for perfection. There are people who are admired by others that God has benevolently smiled on them both financially and socially yet there is still no satisfaction in them. They still chase after better things than what they currently behold. When are we going to anchor? We ask again
Man has no found any rest in a bid to find perfection but all efforts seemed to always hit a snag and always gets back to the drawing board. Each time plans are made and always flounder that things will be better and better yet they always fall short of the desired expectations. The uncertainty which surrounds the life of man leaves much to be desired.

Natural calamities, man made challenges all make it difficult for man to move on but man always plans ahead inspite of the fear for failure.This is called courage but it also comes short. Then when are going to anchor? Is the question that begs an answer.
Is solace in that which is sought everyday going to be found. Are things going to get better than the big dreams that man beholds? Man always fantasizes about the better things which he calls stuff dreams are made of. Is there going to be a time when man’s efforts are going to reach perfection. Or will it continue to be a fruitless endeavour. When are we going to anchor? The question will always pop up.
When are we going to anchor?


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