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PEACE: A priceless commodity worth more than a thousand diamonds

Moono John

In envisioning the vision of the freedom fighters and their struggle, they went through to get the nation to its current state. It should the pride of every citizen of this country to work towards preserving the commodity that is much more than a thousand diamonds and this is peace.
Peace, so precious a commodity, that it is should be guarded judiciously by every citizen regardless of the nationality and ethnic affiliations. Peace just like character is one commodity that once blotted is so difficult to maintain. Peace is a commodity that transcends every human race, political and ethnic affiliations. Peace transcends any social orientation one might be subjected to from a young age.

Peace preaching should be everyone’s major work in the country right now and going forward. Zambia is one country blessed with a lot of ethnic groupings and different languages altogether. The different social orientations and ethnic groupings should be a source of national unity and harmony. Whatever makes us different should be our source of motivation and the drive for us to maintain our national unity. Being of one ethnic grouping the whole nation, the writer wants to believe is a recipe for lack of research about others and failure to appreciate something that we do not have. Zambia well fashioned and blessed by God’s good hand, has over seventy ethnic groupings and have always accepted to coexist despite the differences in social orientations.
The ‘One Zambia One Nation’ motto on the coat of arms is a simple statement on first sight and on the reading of it. However, credit should be given to our founding fathers this determination to maintain Peace and Unity. They understood the essence of having such a motto. This is why the writings were inscribed on an official government symbol so as to constantly remind everyone of what this country is about. They understood the fact that the country is blessed with so many ethnic groupings and languages therefore, it was imperative that the country understood the importance of living together despite the having different ethnic backgrounds and languages. This has always been the driving motivation of the nation for the past fifty years and more of our independence. In addition, the ‘One Zambia One Nation’ motto has served the country so well that we don’t need to lose our value as Nation because of Political hegemony. Appreciation of this motto should be a going concern for every citizen.
The ‘One Zambia One Nation’ slogan was meant to make every citizen regardless of the social orientation and ethnic background to feel Zambian. The status quo of some ethnic groupings of feeling more superior to others makes the other ethnic groupings to feel as if they are foreigners in their own land and country. The One Zambia One Nation motto is constant reminder to every Zambian citizen that we need to keep our Zambia jealously as it is the only nation we have.
Differences in some ethnic groupings in some countries have led to countries disintegrating into rags and frames. A critical look at what led to this disintegration into frames of these countries is because of the mental fallacy of thinking that certain ethnic groupings have a front row seat at the country’s leadership. One ethnic group that was once regarded as a chosen nation is Israel because of the covenant they had with God. Even though they had the covenant, they lost focus of the essence of that covenant and the special covenant they had with God lost value. Ethnic groupings who think they have a front row seat on leadership are having a serious mental fallacy. Such thinking is what leads to the country being lit up in frames. The best example of what ethnic difference can do, is what happened in 1994 in the Rwanda Genocide.
Political and ethnic affiliations are serious gaining prominence to an extent that it is seriously jeopardising the peace of the nation. Ethnic affiliations should not be a measuring scale for one to assume national, provincial and district leadership. This is a recipe for confusion and disaster as the developmental agenda of the nation will seriously be derailed. The derailment in developing the nation coupled with serious instability is a recipe for perpetual poverty in the nation. Desire for power should not at any point supercede the importance of national peace and unity. As the citizenry our duty is to put our political and civil leaders into the right track as they can be overzealous in their desire for political and civic offices.
We have placed the security of this nation in the hands of uniform men and women yet we are so forgetful that our greatest security weapons are our mouths and social media. The uniform men and women who risk their lives for the sake of our country’s peace and security have families that look up to them and as such we need to look into their plight as we say or post anything likely to jeopardize the peace and security of the nation. One overzealous citizen almost plunged the nation into chaos with a careless utterance. In July of 2008 a named citizen almost plunged our nation into chaos by going to the media and announcing that the then sitting president of the country His Excellency the late Levy Patrick Mwanawasa had die which turned out to be a mere rumor. Care should always been taken when talking about national issues as this borders on the lives of more than 15 million citizens of this soon to be great nation. What we say about our nation has power to develop it or power to set it into frames. Social media is a relatively new concept in our society and is seriously gaining prominence. This prominence social media is gaining is not going to stop any time soon as the world’s greatest resource today is data. What we post and say on social media is seen world over and as such we need to take care of what we say or post because of the power it has. Examples can be cited of how social media has sparked unrest in some countries. In 2011, the Egyptian unrest that led to the ousting of the then president Hosni Mubarak was ignited by social media activity. Much of the Arab spring that characterised much of 2011 was as a result of social media activities. What we have laboured to achieve and maintain for half a century can all be lost in a split second.
We need to stand by each other in every moment because this is your Zambia, my Zambia and finally our Zambia. Therefore a violent free Zambia is possible and it begins with me. A peaceful Zambia continues with my responsible utterances and social media activities.


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