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Moono John.

The United States of America is the world’s most powerful and biggest economy. When president Trump replaced Barrack Obama as president of the world’s powerful nation, there was a lot of skepticism. However, one that Trump constantly preached during the campaign period was the American Agenda of putting America and Americans first. This agenda has truly worked the treaty.
The economy of the United States has been at its strongest point in recent years due to the Trump administration of putting America and Americans first. On December, 18, 2019, news filtered through that the House of Representatives had impeached President Trump for breach of the supreme law of the land the constitution. The American economy hit a snag. The dollar’s exchange rate significantly dropped and this was a sign of worrying times for many market players who had flourished under the Trump administration.
History as a tendency of repeating itself, in 1998 Bill Clinton became the second sitting president of the United States to be impeached after Andrew Johnson. Clinton survived this impeachment by diverting the attention of the nation and the world by interfering in the Yugoslavia- Kosovo war. Clinton joined forces with NATO in airstrikes against Serbia forces. This movement by Clinton managed to deflect the attention from his impeachment and instead it show the superiority of the United States. Thus ceding the claim that the United States is the leader in world affairs.
About twenty-one years later, the third sitting president of the United States of America has been impeached by the House of Representatives with the Senate to confirm the impeachment. However, as events were in the 20th century during the time of Clinton, Trump used his wildcard option to divert the attention of the nation and the world at large by killing an Iranian army general, who was a major figure in the Iranian administration.
On January, 6, 2020, it was reported that the United States had killed Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani in airstrike. President Trump defended the decision by saying that General Soleimani was a threat to world peace because he was a terrorist. President Trump accused the slain General of being behind attacks on U.S properties in different parts of the Middle East.

The move by President Trump is part of the American Agenda of taking the lead in the affairs of the world. President Trump justified that the United States of America was more concerned about the threats that General Soleimani posed to the world. He further said that U.S spent a lot of money helping Iran yet the monies were diverted to pursue terrorist activities and hence the move to slain the General.
The American Agenda successfully managed to cede the claim of leadership in the affairs of the world and that saved President Trump the dreaded axe of impeachment.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article @John Moono.
    It helps us understand how the trends of governance unfold with the agendas propelling the context with which the governance is structured.

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