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Christianity:A Curse or A Blessing

John Moono

Every continent on the face of the earth tend to practice it’s own form of religion serve for Africa and the Americas. Different types of religion with different forms of belief have infiltrated the earth since time in memorial.

Christianity is said to be the most practiced religion on the face of the earth followed by Islam. On the African continent, these are the two most practiced religious beliefs. Both were brought to the continent by missionaries.
Missionaries are said to be the reason why Africans offered little resistance to Colonialism. Africans upon learning the Clean Word in the Clean Book discarded everything that had served the continent so well.

The European Missionaries brought Christianity to the African continent. Biblically speaking, it is quite Absurd that Africa is quite a relatively poor continent yet the proponents of the most common religion on the continent are relatively richer. The Holy Christian Book the Bible says that the Creator promised that His followers shall not be poor and shall not be beggers. The current scenario on the African continent makes for sad reading. It is far from the reality that the Creator has promised to the people who uphold His teachings.

Secondly, the first people on the face of the earth According to the Biblical teachings were called Stewards of the Garden of Eden. This means that they had the responsibility of taking care of the garden which in other words means they had the responsibility of working in the garden and never to stay idle. Today, Religious leaders are involved in scandalous activities because they have diverted from the original teachings from the Holy Christian Book the Bible which says Man was put on the Earth to come and work. The diversion from the reality given in the Holy book makes many to question the true authenticity of the religious beliefs around the world.

Thirdly, the Religious orientation of the African people seems to far from reality. Getting an example from the Bible, God provided manna for the Children of Israel while in the wilderness on their way to the promised land of Canaan from the land of Pharaoh in Egypt. But at no point did God says that Miracle food, work, money and husbands will be a daily provision from Him. The act of dropping Manna was to prove to the doubters among the Children of Israel that He is the provide of everything on the face of the earth. Today Christians are more inclined to seeking miracles than working hard. Christians today would rather sit and wait for a miracle to happen than to go in to the field and sweat for their daily bread.
Furthermore, the Religious orientation of the Africans shows alot of absurdity in it. Africans would gang up to buy luxurious things for a religious leader yet they can never gang up to build something developmental as a school or a hospital. Giving one person so much just because they believe he or she deserves a double portion of respect certainly is not the right way of expressing religious beliefs.
Africa will always remain benighted because the religious orientation of the people of the continent seems to suggest that Africans will always remain in servitude of the people that brought the new form of religion to the continent.
The current happenings in the Christian world today leaves a question in our minds that Christianity is it a Curse or a blessing?


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