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Moono John

The world has undergone many changes since time in memorial. There has been a number of developments through different periods of time, from the stone-age era to the modern times now referred to as the computer era. One cardinal thing about these massive developments that the world has seen, is that it has greatly impacted the way people communicate. From the beating of drums and lightning of a fire so that the smoke goes up to send a message to the more advanced and modern ways of communicating of sending emails, WhatsApp messages, Facebook and tweeting.
The development of the internet has had a great impact on the development of the world. The advanced in technology has been hailed as the greatest thing that has happened to the world. This is because even continents that seemed benighted are receiving a fair share of development through the development of the internet. The development of the internet will continue to make head-ways in the communication sector. This has made it possible for people to communicate faster and easier than never before. People are now able to send and receive messages much faster and easier through different online platforms. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and other online platforms make it very possible for people to communicate and get update with the many current happenings in the nation and worldover. Over the last couple of months, the world has seen an increase in the use of online conferencing which is now called Virtual Conference. This has too made very fast and easier to send and receive vital information. It is on the click of the button and the message is sent either to an individual or many people in a blink of an eye. Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and other social media online platforms have made possible for people to have a number of friends all over the world and reach out to these friends almost at once.
The business community is still in a state of awe at how faster and easier marketing has become. The business community has improved the market of their goods and services, this is because they are able to reach out to would be customers and current customers in an instant. E-commerce is one business concept that the business houses are greatly utilizing to greatly market their products as well as their goods and services.
The education sector has also not been left out; the development of the internet has led to the introduction of new educational concepts such as e-learning. The concept of e-learning allows one to learn but not being physically in class and the teacher to teach without being physically in class. But this is possible in schools which have the right infrastructure to make the concept a reality. The development of the internet has greatly influenced educational planners that they have introduced new subjects in the curriculum. The subject in question is computer studies. This is to keep up with modern trends. With information on many subject areas readily available on the internet, learners can easily go online and get to learn about concepts that they do not really understand in the classroom.
The influence of technological advancement cannot over be complete without the mention of the improvements that the health sector has seen. Drones have been made that make it possible for health personnel to delivery medical supplies in areas that are not easily accessible but road due to bad terrain in most cases.
Though there is no disputing the many merits of the internet, it has its own dark side. The shortcomings of the internet are clear visible for many to see and the ills of the influence of the internet are very dire. The development of the internet and the eventual influence of the internet has made a lot of people to become lazy. Many would rather sit in a couch all day doing nothing but surfing the internet. This also made people of school going age to lose interest in technical subjects and those that involve calculations because they perceive such subjects to be very difficult. Fake news and information has become a common norm in the modern era because anyone can post anything they want on the internet.
The influence of the internet on the human mind is so great that many people have become internet addicts. Internet addicts tend to feel as if they have lost a part of the body if they stay a day without browsing the internet. They would rather sit the whole day browsing different internet sites. The development of the internet has also impacted the moral fibre of the people in that watching pornographic content has become a norm of the modern era. People would spend late hours on the internet watching nothing but different pornographic content on different online sites.
Cybercrimes are another demerit of the internet. People are able to bypass the security codes of different financial institutions just to steal people’s hard earned money. They are able to hack into bank accounts of other people and steal millions of money. Governments all over the world have lost billions of money trying to curb this vice and others have been swindled of their hard earned money by internet fraudsters. These scammers often pretend to be good and genuine people willing to offer a service to unsuspecting individual who are desperate for a service.
The development has truly changed the social and economic landscape of the world


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