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Society Creates Deviants

John Moono

Society is a reflection of the different kinds of personalities that are found in a particular community. The society tends to have agreed upon norms which are collectively known as Values. Any abrogation of these agreed upon norms means you become an enemy of society.
We are all born with the ability to succeed and the ability to better persons in life. However, the case is not always like that in reality. It is true that society Creates Deviants because of the way it treats individuals with divergent views from the agreed upon norms. No one was born or will be born a criminal but society will end up criminalizing someone based on the acts contrary to what society subscribes to.
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy is one concept that leads individuals with divergent views from what society subscribes. One begins to be a criminal or a deviant based upon how the society tend to treat the first acts of wrongdoing one commits. Without counsel and guidance the society ends up labelling an individual as a deviant because the society feels that a particular personality doesn’t fit into the societal values.
Labelling Theory is a an impression that society creates based on what someone does and believe that the only thing a labelled individual can do is something society doesn’t subscribe to. Even when someone is on the path to reformation, society will always look for the wrongs in that individual based on the past record. This tends to make individual accept the tags bestowed upon them and end up being Deviants.
The social misfits that are in our societies are as a result of the wrongs acts they committed in the past and society continues to treat them as people who are not fit to be a that community. This approached has pushed many individuals to the peripheral of society as society has refused to change its perception on the individuals of divergent mental make up.
Criminality has been perpetuated by the fact that society has created laws that incriminate individuals with divergent views from what society believes in. Psychology and Sociology says that everyone is born with equal abilities but the environment tends to create a genius and a deviant based on the individual’s willingness to subscribe to the agreed upon norms of society. One becomes a genius because they agree with everything that society has laid down as the code of conduct and one is a deviant because of their unwillingness to subscribe to what society has agreed upon.
Society creates Deviants


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