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Moono John

How long shall we be called a sleep giant
How long shall we be called a dark continent
How long shall we be abused and used by the colonizers

We have been exploited enough
But their greatest undoing was that
They brought Education which has illuminated us
The brought Technology which we are using to advance our agenda

How long shall we continue to moan and groan that they Underdeveloped Africa
When they brought us Education has illuminated us and Technology has taken us out of darkness

Why then are we still sleeping
We have the land, the most precious resource
We have the mineral resources beneath our soils

We have the knowledge to develop fine products of the mineral resources
We have the population to support our businesses
But we lack the unity of purpose to foster our vision
Nothing beats are United People not even Technology can do that

Our Mentality shall be our Strength
Our Ability shall be our Drive
Our Culture shall be our Connectivity
To Greatness.
In our quest for greatness

We shall not anymore apportion any blame on the them
And we shall not look to the diaspora for solutions
Instead we shall sought solutions from within

This is why we shall soldier on because

Our Continent needs our effort to develop

Our Land needs our commitment to produce

Our Resources needs to be taken care of

Our greatness lies in our Mentality and Ability to Realise the Dream that

Africa Shall Be Great


Published by MyWritings

A Writer, A Diplomat in Waiting, Climate Change Advocate and a Football Administrator

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