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Moono John

A child comes into the knowing completely nothing. The first people it comes in contact with first are its parents. Therefore, it is imperative that the first teachers of the child are its parents. The first learning that the child encounters happens from the home environment. It is safe to say that the first school of the child is the home environment.
The home environment provides the child with the opportunity to play around and get naughty. The play around in the home environment help the child to sharpen his or her intellectual skills as well as the much needed psychomotor skills. This is because the child will be able to manipulate different items at it’s disposal. From this play logic is one cardinal element that the child learns and many a times, the child doesn’t really realize it. That is only realized when they reach adulthood that logic is something one acquires in childhood through play around in the home environment and the objects at the disposal of the child.
This has always been the ideal way of educating a child until modern educational trends started trending. The modern demands of education has had a great effect on child training. Due to the growing trend of having both parents working. Parents often take the easier options available regarding the education of their children; either hiring a maid or taking a child for babysitting at a school. Either option has its own merits and demerits.
Of the demerits of babysitting at a school is that of the child being exposed to completely different people who end up imparting behavioural patterns that are alien to the home environment. Values and attitudes alien to the child’s parents are adopted by the child. This to some extent has greatly contributed to moral decay and juvenile deliquesce in young ones today. Parents have less input in the moral education of their children due to the hectic work schedules.

On the positive side of things, taking a child to a pre-school or nursery means that the child will be able to learn different psychomotor skills faster which is going to aid their brain development faster as compared to the child being confined to the home environment.
Early childhood education remains one of the most delicate topics because it borders on parenting and prestige of the parents. A number of parents hold different views and do adopt a parenting style they feel is best for their children. What some parents might consider best for their children, others might consider it otherwise. Though it might seem controversial due to what is currently obtaining at the moment, a child should be allowed to fully experience childhood for his or her holistic development.
A child should experience childhood fully and not confining a child to a classroom environment, of which he or she will have to make do with sitting in the same environment for the better part of their teenage life.


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